DISCOVOL DAO is an open organization for curators to opt in or out freely. It enables efficient collaboration among global content curators to provide rich and personalized curation service. Curators can make maximum use of their capacity and resource to create value in the DAO, as well as get fair reputation and economic incentives for their valuable contribution. And the most important is, your rights and interests will not be deprived for no reason. DAO public resources are open to all curators and partners in the ecosystem. The economic value growth with the prosperity of DAO’s ecosystem belongs to all curators. Major public affairs of the DAO shall be collectively decided by all curators in accordance with democratic governance procedure.


Content curators have different specialties and resources. The synergy of their collaboration would create huge positive network effect. Trustless, transparent and self-enforceable protocol and democratic governance are necessary elements of a decentralized autonomous institutional structure. DISCOVOL provides the valuable collaboration platform to meet the long-tail needs of curators and interest parties in the ecosystem. Join us, visit


Curation Collaboration

Curators discover and share high-quality content & review. When their content is cited, they get incentive in return. That helps everyone to build up featured curation list efficiently.


Curatorial Service

Curators provide content curation service to their subscribers. If creators can attract more curators to recommend their content with incentives, they can touch more extensive audiences.


Task Crowdsourcing

Interest parties can create content-specific tasks, invite curators to add a specific content to curation list, and recommend to their subscribers through curation tools.


$DISC is a native fungible token of DISCOVOL DAO.

$DISC represents the right to use valuable services provided by participants.

$DISC is a unit of account and a store of value for the contribution of participants who engage in economic activities.

$DISC is also a medium of value transfer when services are consumed.


  • 1
    2021 Q3

    Q3, 2021
    Team founded

  • 2
    2021 Q4

    Q4, 2021
    Platform developed

  • 3
    2022 Q1

    Q1, 2022
    Testnet launched

  • 4
    2022 Q2

    Q2, 2022
    Mainnet launch
    Function completing

  • 5
    2022 Q3

    Q3, 2022
    Ecosystem expanding